NEO Roller Derby is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. In addition to being advanced skaters and a pretty cool group of people, giving back is a big part of what we do. We’ve given away more than $25,000 in our six years.
Now, we want to help YOU and YOUR causes. Which organizations are you involved with? Which do you support? Let us know:

NEO Roller Derby is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. In addition to being advanced skaters and a pretty cool group of people, giving back is a big part of what we do. We’ve given away more than $25,000 in our six years.

Now, we want to help YOU and YOUR causes. Which organizations are you involved with? Which do you support? Let us know:

NEO Roller Derby celebrates 2012 Season

The voting is in! NEO Roller Derby celebrated the conclusion of its fifth season on Friday with an awards party. Here’s the list of award recipients:

Fan Favorite Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Taking Names
Fan Favorite Audio Assault: Amber Zerker
Triple Threat Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Truly Outrageous!
Triple Threat Audio Assault: Kitty Black
Most Improved Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Rosa Mariposa
Most Improved Audio Assault: Vodka Voom
Jammers Bf Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Wes Craven Brainz
Jammers Bf Audio Assault: Jackie Torments
Skater To Watch Rock ‘n Roller Girls & Audio Assault: Amber Zerker
Chatterbox Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Sicilian Slicer
Chatterbox Audio Assault: Kitty & Cutie (tie)
Best Booty Block Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Sicilian Slicer
Best Booty Block Audio Assault: Vanity Scare
Jammers Worst Nightmare Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Taking Names
Jammers Worst Nightmare Audio Assault: Jackie Torments
Best Jammer Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Holley Car Brader
Best Jammer Audio Assault: Amber Zerker
Best Blocker Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Taking Names
Best Blocker Audio Assault: Jackie Torments
Best Pivot Rock ‘n Roller Girls: Teeny Houdini
Best Pivot Audio Assault: Crossbone Cutie & Kitty Black (tie)

The following Gorilla Awards were also distributed during the evening:
Ball & Chain - Fresh Meat Man/Tony Paz & Bruis’anya Bootay
Best Gams - Kwik Kyra, Honkytonk Hellion, Zerker, Vodka Voom
Best ASSet - Truly Outrageous!
Cuvello Cups - Wes Craven Brainz
Best Dancer - Elektra Magneto
Goofy-Showoff - Hurts So Good
Derby Girl w/ Heart - Morgue ‘N Donor
Olive Pain Stank Award - Olive Pain
Best Derby Girl Style - Holley Car Brader
Most Memorable Fall - Vera Vicious
Best Injury - Monty Pipebomb

Ref Awards:
Most Knowledgeable - Captain Celt Lick
Most Dedicated- Griz
Biggest Mouth- Griz
Most Improved- Big Dan Hero
RTO - Big Dan Hero (vs. Rogue Cheddar)

Audio Assault:
Dynamic Duo- Honkytonk Hellion & Jackie Torments
Best Derby Form- Kwik Kyra
Most Improved- Vodka Voom
Most Underestimated- Vera Vicious

Rock ‘n Roller Girls:
Dynamic Duo- Wes Craven Brainz’ & Taking Names
Best Derby Form- Holley Car Brader
Most Improved- Rosa Mariposa
Most Underestimated- Rosa Mariposa

The league thanks all of the sponsors, NSOs, volunteers, friends, family and support staff that made 2012 a great season for NEO Roller Derby. We look forward to season six in 2013.

Do You Derby?

Why should you join NEO Roller Derby?  Well let me tell you why many of our league members joined.

  1. Friendship: Need some new friends?  Not only do we skate together, we party, garage sale, and snowboard together.  You’ll be making new friends who are there to help you out and support you in your endeavors.
  2. Exercise: You think roller derby isn’t a sport?  Think again.  Roller derby required balance, agility, endurance, and skill.  Don’t think you’ll make the cut?  Don’t worry, women of all shapes and sizes can play roller derby.  You’ll find yourself getting stronger and leaner by the practice.
  3. Whole body wellness: Many of our members are former smokers, food gorgers, or couch potatoes.  Once you fall in love with roller derby, you’ll find that the desire to improve your game matters more to you than those cigarettes.
  4. Community Service: Like to give back to the community?  NEO does many charity events and all our proceeds from our bouts go to charity.
  5. Kicking Ass: I’m not sure an explanation is necessary on this one.  Where else can you take out girls on skates without having to apologize?

Sounds like a good time, right?  Come see what NEO is all about.  Skaters, referees, and Non-Skating Officials welcome.  Saturday, September 29th from 2-4pm at our practice penthouse, 540 South Main Street in downtown Akron.  You’ll see a mixed scrimmage, get derby information, and have a ‘skate date’ with a current NEO skater.  

Email to for more information and to RSVP.

Rock’n’Roller Girls vs BRRG’s All Stars Recap

In RnR’s second bout of the day, they faced Black N Bluegrass (BBRG).  When RnR met BBRG last July, RnR lost 162-105, making winning this bout a priority for RnR.  They knew this would be one of their toughest bouts of the season and these two teams kept the score close in what would be the closest bout of the tournament.  

    RnR started off the bout controlling the jammer line with a knee start but the BBRG jammer got out first and had almost an entire lap lead.  However, a great hit by Taking Names with bridging by Teeny Houdini, Sicilian Slicer, and Wes Cravin’ Brainz allowed the BBRG jammer to score only two points.  Again, RnR took the jammer line knee start but BBRG got lead jammer and just like the previous jam, a hit by Names on the jammer kept BBRG to scoring two points.  Then, in the third jam, RnR jammer, Truly Outrageous got lead jammer and scored eight points while the BBRG jammer scored four to even the score out at 8-8.  From there, RnR started to build momentum and after an RnR power jam, RnR pulled ahead 32-9.  RnR would continue to grind out points for a 51-13 lead before BBRG had a 20 point jam, making sure RnR knew they were still in the fight.  For the rest of the half, the teams traded points back and forth leaving RnR in the lead with a score of 73-47 at the half.
    A ten point power jam by Twin Pistol early in the second half helped RnR widen the score gap, but RnR soon found the roles reversed, giving up a four point power jam.  In the next jam, RnR blockers Rogue Cheddar, Teeny Houdini, Truly Outrageous, and Wes Cravin’ Brainz were determined not to allow BBRG any more points as they kept the BBRG jammer in the pack long enough for Holley Car Brader to score ten points bringing the score to 95-52.  BBRG then answered back, scoring 41 points in the next few jams bringing the score to a close 95-93 with 19 minutes left in the bout.  With back to back power jams, RnR saw their lead slip away as BBRG took the lead for the first time since the opening jams of the bout.  RnR trailed by six points.  However, this game of monkey-see-monkey-do continued as a boxed BBRG jammer, followed by a great hit late in the jam by Rosa Mariposa, once again put RnR ahead, this time by three points.  The next several jams saw RnR slowly building their lead to 118-107, but BBRG once again started to whittle it away.  Later, with 1:35 left in the bout, two costly power jams for BBRG allowed RnR to pad their score to 140-125.  In the final jam, RnR added nine points to their score to bring the score to 149-125 for a hard fought victory of over BBRG.

Recap of NEO vs Hammer City @Ruckus in the Rustbelt

At the end of June, NEO’s WFTDA sanctioned team, the Rock N’ Roller Girls (RnR) traveled to Youngstown, Ohio for “Ruckus in The Rustbelt”, a tournament hosted by Little Steel Roller Girls.  

RnR had the first bout of the day at 9 am against Hammer City.  This was RnR’s second time meeting Hammer City, as RnR had defeated Hammer City 124-48 at the 2011 Midwest Brewhaha.  RnR didn’t come into this bout taking anything for granted as both teams as recently defeated the Fox City Scream Puffz by a similar margin.

RnR definitely showed up ready to bout as Twin Pistol put up a quick 10 points in the first jam.  A few jams later, great defense by Wes Cravin’ Brainz and Sicilian Slicer kept the Hammer City jammer in the pack and then to the penalty box, allowing Holley Car Brader to rack up points.  The following jam started off as a power jam for Hammer City but teamwork and recycling from Rogue Cheddar, Teeny Houdini, Taking Names, and Sicilian Slicer prevented the Hammer City jammer from getting out of the pack.  By the end of the first half, RnR led 169 to 20 through stellar pack control and domination of the Hammer City jammers.

In the second half, Hammer City continued to fight but RnR wouldn’t back down and continued going strong.  After trading two hit-and-quit jams, the Hammer City jammer was boxed, allowing NEO to pad their lead to 207-26.  Penalties from RnR blockers would keep the RnR packs small for the next couple of jams but, despite this, RnR walls were impenetrable and jammers were unstoppable.  After a power jam for RnR, Hammer City was able to redeem themselves, holding the RnR jammer in the pack long enough for their jammer to score 9 points.  The Hammer City momentum wouldn’t continue however, as RnR kept the hits coming on Hammer City’s jammers, holding them in the pack long enough for their jammer to get out, score some fast points, and call off the jam.  In one particular jam, wrecking crew of Jackie Torments, Taking Names, Rosa Mariposa, and Sicilian Slicer kept the Hammer City jammer in the pack long enough to allow the RnR jammer to score 19 points.  Although Hammer City would get a power jam late in the bout, strong defense from Teeny Houdini, Wes Cravin’ Brainz, Amber Zerker, and Holley Car Brader only allowed Hammer City to score seven points before the Hammer City jammer was sent to the box and jammer Truly Outrageous redeemed herself with five quick points.  In the final jam, both defense and offense from Rogue Cheddar, Taking Names, Kitty Black, and Rosa Mariposa assisted Twin Pistol in scoring nine points to bring the final score to 280-49.